Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something’s make me happy, and something’s sad.

The HC decimalizes homosexuality!

Considering there are an estimated 70 million homosexuals in this country, considering that this is the country where AIDS is highly prevalent, considering that this is the country where gay sex is actually quite embedded in the culture and nevertheless considering we are a bunch of hypocritical, conceited, self righteous sheep. This is certainly a step towards evolving.

A priest on national television claims that gay sex is ‘unnatural’. Religion (especially Islam) condemns gay sex; other religions like Christianity are doing a favour by accepting them with respect. And to top it all, children from broken homes/single parents are likely to turn home sexual.

I am appalled at this man. Who decides what is natural and what is not? For a homosexual it is natural to love someone from the same sex. That is what his/her mind believes and knows is right. Anything else for them is unnatural. How does religion decide what is right? Religion after all is made by the society, for the society. It has no right to dictate a person’s sexual preferences. Why does a certain religion need to ‘accept’ another person? Aren’t we are all God’s children. I thought that’s what all religions propogated.

It is sad that in our country eunuchs are worshipped and ridiculed at the same time, Men can roam around holding hands (which other country would just let that pass by as ‘friendship’) and that is certainly the need for human touch that goes unfulfilled because if god forbid a man held a woman’s hand, he would be behind bars. Khujarao has sex all over its temples but using the word is taboo. The population booms, but we don’t accept that well, people have sex. Religion is politicised for everything – sex, money, power.

But it makes me happy that amidst all this there are some rays of home. Today is a happy day.

I am also happy for all the kids who are now hopefully going to have the choice to give their 10th board exams. I remember the kind of torture we went through. It was a nightmare, all the pressure and all the competition. I was a conscientious student and that is worse. You are forever worrying about the result and never learning anything truly. I don’t think I remember much of what I studied for my boards.
I have after all these years realised that education was crap. What I have learnt outside of my school and college while I was trying to get decent grades is what has educated me.

I didn’t need to know algebra to know how to stand up for myself at my work place or solve mysteries of nature and life. That my friend, life has taught me after a lot of failures and bad grades.

And I am still struggling.

From the list of things that make me sad are sad (read ‘losers’) people. And the fact that these losers are the ones who ass lick and work their way up in life. They nod to everything that comes their way.

You are awesome! – Nod
You are a fucking asshole! - Nod
Will you do this? – Nod
Will you not do this? – Nod
You idiot don’t you have a fucking spine? – confused up down, right left nod

Alas, the losers sadly end up taking the fatter pay cheques, the medals and the stars home. Idiots, like us crib, bitch and get home and sleep peacefully.

Something’s are happy and something’s are sad. Today was a happy sad day. I like being selflessly happy because of things I believe in being implemented around me.

I like today! : -)

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