Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love everything Chinese!!!!!

Finally managed to do something with my coloured Ikea frames. Chinese symbols have always fascinated me. There is a lot of depth and mystery in them.
I took eight symbols that mean something to me and drew them -

Self Respect - That which I have ingrained in my blood!!
Faith - My faith in everything and everyone I believe in.
Angels - All of them, the invisible and the visible ones..
Lily - My favorite flower, my happy flower.
Friendship - Without which my world wouldn't be complete.
Forever - Because that is the most alluring concept of our existence.
Mystery - For all the mystery tomorrow holds,for what we live..
Love - Without which I wouldn't be complete.


CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

do you want to auction ur art work??

Aanchal said...

yes yes ... u want to buy? i dont mind... lol

RAY said...

You know what? We need to paint the wall to give your wonderful paintings a better background!


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