Saturday, December 17, 2022

Ten things I am grateful for this year – 2022 edition


1.     I am grateful for my home. This lovely, light filled apartment that gives me solace every single day. 


2.     I am grateful for unconditional love, puppy eyes and soft cuddles. I cannot explain the love I feel for Chai, isn’t motherly instinct for a pet a thing? 


3.     I am grateful for finding my tribe, there are days when I want to retire as soon as I can and there are days when I am inspired every hour of the day. Thankfully, the latter outdo the former. 


4.     I am grateful for loved ones who stand by me, celebrate me and are there for me no matter what 


5.     I am grateful for love that is not perfect but strives to be an inch closer to perfection every single day 


6.     I am grateful for letting go of the urge to be liked and in turn letting go of people who didn’t need me anymore


7.     I am grateful for help at home and the comfort it brings to our lives 


8.     I am grateful for travel, access, and the freedom to fly again 


9.     I am grateful for health and the freedom it brings


10.  I am grateful for this little family I have the honor to build and create. Our little haven on the red dot

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