Tuesday, May 5, 2009

love letters # 3 - Thers no such place as far away.

Yesterday, while we watched the sunset and hoards of birds cloud the sky.
I fell in love.
Just like that.
We were both so quiet, lost in our own thoughts. I wondered who you were thinking about...
An ex-love maybe. I was so afraid to ask.
Our fingers were entwined and our eyes were busy making shapes out of clouds muffled in the reds and oranges of the evening sky.
At times I heard our hearts beat in unison like it was meant to be.
Did I skip a beat somewhere? Did you notice?
We sat there for hours while the moon rose and illuminated a milky sky.
Quiet and serene.
It was late and you had to leave. Perhaps forever.
“In the end, we all come back home” you said.
“Soon” I replied.
And just like that you were gone to a place far far away.

P.S: Did I forget to mention, I love you.

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