Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love letters # 1 - Release

You wouldn’t hear him today even if he spoke right into your ears, the randomness of his thoughts.
The subjectivity of reasoning to your own convenience wraps your soul in layers uncountable.
You wouldn’t feel it today if his toes touched yours, the uncertainty of his touch.
The wall you built to protect yourself shields you from a passion lying dormant.

You are blinded by tears you cried at your own failures,
The ones you use as a measure for what lies in the Pandora’s Box.
I’ve been inside and it’s full of hopes, fears, risks and irrationality.
It’s the Mecca of senselessness and absurdity.
Raw, unrefined and crude,
Full of surprises, heartbreaks & passion,
Unconventionally beautiful.

What stops you to unlock and peep?
To soak in and savour...
The saneness in irrationality,
The logic in everything you considered illogical,
The safety in the risks you wouldn’t take.

You wouldn’t smell the lilies today, the ones he kept at your window sill,
Your senses blocked by your mind, a machine programmed not to act on impulse.

He silently walks away, leaving the key behind
Someday, maybe someday
You will unlock the Pandora’s Box.
With a different key, a different lock, a different 'him'.

1 comment:

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

so now we know, what was on ur mind on saturday night.....

u dont always need the right key to open a lock.... more important if you are ready to open the pandoras box or not.....


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