Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Letters # 4 - MOM

Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful, adorable moms out there!! We love you so much! We just don’t say it often.

Dearest mom,

When I was a little girl the one thing that enamoured me were these pair of white stilettos that you owned. Every time you were out, I would secretly wear them and pretend to walk the catwalk.

I would pretend to be an adult and make conversation with myself in front of the mirror.

Throughout my childhood I thought that I could quite literally fit into your shoes and be you.

I grew up and realised that it’s a tough job being you. Could I ever be that giving, loving and forgiving? Could I ever match up to your sensitivities and talents?
You pushed me to be my own person but all I wanted to be was a reflection of you.
An unfortunate accident happened and I realised that you were nothing but human. You were my super mom who did hurt and who did have problems. Problems we always choose to overlook. (Moms don’t have problems now, do they?)

In that one month we switched roles. It was reinventing our relationship. You were vulnerable and for the first time in my life I had to be strong for you. I had to be a shoulder to lean on.

Suddenly without a call or notice, I had stepped into your shoes.

I learnt more about life in that one month than I have probably learnt in the past ten years.

Through your time of trouble you didn’t forget to teach me one of life’s greatest lessons.

You taught me that love has no boundaries, love needs patience and love always prevails.

When I took over as your mom, I could only wonder where all that patience came from? Where did you dig all that compassion, all that love?

Thank you mom for being you.
For teaching us the simple yet important things of life,
For never stopping us from trying, doing or experimenting anything we wanted.
Thank you mom for late night and early morning conversations.
For letting me sob for no rhyme or reason, just because I wanted to.
Thank you for being the best friend I could ever have.

I love you mom.

Happy mother’s day.


P.S People its mothers day on the 10th of this month, don't forget to tell her you love her!


RAY said...

You made me cry...tears of joy...and tears of pride...I am proud to be your mom...

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

well expressed!!

Aanchal said...

:) mom .. love u

Aanchal said...

yes ateet... am trying my best :) he he he


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