Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love letters # 6

It’s like words come till my gut and stop. Actions that I’d rather do are manipulated by the way the circumstances are moving.
I am not sure what will pierce you and what will not. What will slowly drip down your yr veins and enter your heart.
I don’t know if this is a way of living, to stop yourself from feeling.
Open the doors, it’s ok. I won’t barge and I won’t hurt.
I will enter and slowly shut them to the world and to a reality that refuses to let us be.
It will be us and only us, non measurable and unaccounted.
We will live each moment as if it were the last, we will carry memories through the time we are alive.
All we do today is let moments pass, unsure and unable to be true to them.
It’s ok to let go my love, it’s ok to love.
Can we just forget everything and remember LOVE?


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