Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't tempt me, Please!

(Photo from cartoon stock - Just to express how I feel!)

Not being able to buy a pair of jeans in my size (read here) and a bad stomach infection gave me the motivation to join an exercise class.

Now I am not a person built for gyms. I don’t find any pleasure running on the treadmill, staring outside the window and looking at passing traffic.

I also don’t find much pleasure in looking at brawny gym instructors bursting out of their tee shirts.

There isn’t much pleasure if you may please in picking up weights and making funny faces at yourself in the gym mirror.

While I was flirting with the idea of how I could lose weight, I ended up joining a few gyms, yoga classes’ et al. None of which lasted long enough.

Last week the weighing machine gave me the jitters. I now know how people who fret about their weight feel. It’s not just about the fat; it’s so much more –

* All the clothes I have in my wardrobe that I will not fit into anymore.

* The numerous others I will see hanging on pretty shelves and I won’t be able to pick up.

* The way chocolate mousse will scream the letters FAT in big, bold letters each time I will look at it and drool.

* The way I will feel each time Kareena Kapoor will show up in a movie or a magazine with her bloody size zero figure.

Shocked and shaken, I have now enrolled myself in a group exercise class.
My legs and arms haven’t stopped aching since the past three days. But there are some perks –

* The class is full of 18 year olds with so much energy. I feel old but I also feel the need to be young.

* The gym has awesome showers (does that matter, yes!!!) There are even hair dryers in the showers, fancy that!

* Just below the gym is Chocolate Room with all those awesome chocolates and Bikaner wala with piping hot jalebis, what better test for my will power can I ask for?

I am two classes old and I already feel thinner (at least in my mind)

I pray for motivation and strength to get through this.

I pray to all the cup cakes and chocolate mousses in the world, don’t tempt me. Please.


RAY said...


Aanchal said...

help me !!!

Jahnvi said...

Go for it aanchuuu ... totally worth the effort. ( PPSSSSST been trying for a month now but ... :-( )

Aanchal said...

janooo... thankfully i dont have readily available beer in gujju land which helps a lot believe me !!! :)


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