Friday, October 9, 2009

Miss Almost, Miss Maybe, Miss Halfway

 People who know me well know for a fact how difficult it is for me to stick on.
I can’t stick.
I can’t stick to a career or to a job.
I can’t stick to a city or to people.

A lot of people feel I have commitment issues. I feel I just like to experience.

God however is naughty.
I think He/She likes to play with the naughty ones.
Ones like us.

Does it happen to you that you are faced with choices just when you have made a decision?
Does it often happen that you have set your mind to do something and be right and suddenly out of no where temptation appears?
You take a step to eat that cake and realize that you are leaving millions of chocolates behind?

I have often pondered on why I can’t stick.
I see everyone around me comfortable, settled in lives they have either succumbed to or are trying to settle into. Most of my peers are getting married, having babies, going places with their jobs and living content (I hope so) lives.

I have been one of those who have always wanted more. The kinds, who suck from the straw till the last moment and make ugly noises just to get the last bit of the strawberry milkshake.

The ones who feel no job was ever made good enough to exploit their talents. They have so many talents that they discover a new one everyday and then forget where they started from.

I am sure there are quite a number of ‘ones’ like me.
‘Ones’ with whom God plays mean, fun and naughty games.
Restless, twitchy, forever seeking souls.

Faced with life changing decisions at the moment, I have suddenly been gifted options.
I can choose.
I have been given the gift to choose.

And suddenly, I don’t want it.
I like the limbo, I like the chase and I like the unknown.
I like being almost,
I like being maybe,
I like being halfway.

Note : This post is inspired by the lyrics of the song - Miss Halfway by Anya Marina check them out here


RAY said...

now this one is sure food for thought and somewhat scary :P

Anonymous said...

You have company! Till this post, I was happily stalking your blog, thinking with each passing read, am I reading my own thoughts being penned by someone else? But this is one post which forced me to comment. Who are you? My soul-sister? :)

PS - Nishka directed me this awesomeness that your blog is. :)

Aanchal said...

thank you !!!!


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