Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I miss so much !!!!! - Tuesday musings - 2

On idle Tuesdays afternoons like this I miss –

•Fruit plates at the Linterland office. That guilt - free something to eat during the 4pm hunger pang.

•Afternoon movies at Gaiety- Galaxy, anyone who lives in and around Bandra knows about the G7 multiplex. I miss watching movies with some old charm around them.
Wooden seats, air coolers, popcorn in packets and bottled cold drinks. Also unique to G7 is catching a glimpse of the Anil Kapoor look alike usher.

•Sleeping. Aimless, no reason afternoon sleep that later gives you a groggy head.

•The NCC canteen in Pune, where I have spent so many idle yet fun afternoons sipping Onjus and munching on wada pav which strangely only at the NCC canteen is served with delicious Sambhar.

•Long, sleepy edits at VideoKraft (an offline studio in Worli, Mumbai)

•The 15 minutes after school got over and there was so much energy outside the busses, at the cycle parking lot and the canteen. That’s when I caught a glimpse of the hottie I had a crush on. : )

•Shopping spree’s @ hill road.

•Burgers @ fast track at the NFC community centre market in Delhi. They were awesome especially while bunking boring 4 hour long radio classes.

•Unlimited beer buffets @ Sports bar.

•Sangrias and pasta @ out of the blue.

•Blueberry muffins @ the Bagel shop.

•Watching Bold and the Beautiful once in 6 months at 3 pm and catching up just where I left it.

•Day dreaming.

•Making travel plans to remote islands in the Mediterranean.

•And so much more…..

What do you miss? write in and let me know : )

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