Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tusday musings - Drugged, random thoughs

In office on an idle Tuesday afternoon awaiting changes in layouts with a strong anti allergic in your blood, what do you do????

You pen down random, random, totally and utterly random thoughts….

Read on….

* I have the worst cold ever; all I can think of is hot chicken sweet corn soup. The kind in which lots of corn flour has been added and the egg looks like puke so you need to put lots and lots of soy sauce till the soup becomes black. Yes, that’s exactly what I am craving for.

*I am reading the Lost Symbol since a week and I can’t believe I have carried on a Dan Brown book for so long. It’s not a patch on The Da Vinci Code. He keeps repeating himself and goes on tangents that have no connection with the actual plot.Robert Langdon is weak. The sheer brilliance of him in the earlier books is gone. I think it’s the Tom Hanks effect; he was so lost in the film adaptations of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons that his lose acting skills have rubbed off on the character here.

*I absolutely love the new Limca jingle.(can’t help much as it plays on everyone’s computers all day) Not very fond of the ad though. The first one was a master piece. The playfulness and twang (my word for a naughty/emotional/playful blend) of the Sushma Reddy one lacks here but the music as usual sticks.

*I have 340 friends on facebook and I talk to none. It’s a pity, social networking is supposed to bring you closer but I don’t see that happening.
I love checking out my news feed – status, pictures and links. I don’t remember the last time anyone wrote on my wall or I did on theirs.
Pity, sigh. : (

*I highly recommend watching Inglorious Basterds. Tarintino just gets better and better with every film he makes.
Call me a sadist but I love the way in which he displays blood. There is always such ruthless, raw elegance in each frame where anything to do with murder and blood is concerned.
Simply beautiful.

*I am trying very hard to rise up and forgive the inglorious bastards I know but it is not happening.
How long does this process take?
The one that involves – mistrust, betrayal, hurt, anger, damage – anger, anger, anger, pain, hurt, pain – letting go, forgetting, moving on…..
I am still on stage one and the spiritual pep talks are not helping.

*Spiritual pep talks remind me of Deepak Chopra on twitter. The man can talk. He tweets every second. My twitter page is full of his tweets.
Honestly, I fail to understand most of them because he blabbers too much.

*I am very touched by some sweet messages about the blog. (esp. Z and J) I am glad to bring a change and provoke thoughts which have been whiling away in your heads. But People please comment on the blog – don’t mail me/ sms me or comment on gtalk.
Some of the small pleasures in my life include reading the comments on the blog page     ( :- D )

*The air is changing and I love this city during these months. I must admit though that I am over this place now and the time has come to move on but the weather is making it so much more bearable.

The avil effect is kicking in and I’m high. : )
Its time to check some layouts and go home to my bed and pillow and sleeeeeeeeeep just to later wake up to hot, steaming soup.
Aaaaah, the very simple pleasures of being ill. : )

So until more random thoughts,

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough !!!


CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

- yes the movie was super.... and the blood also....
- only you can crave for a vomit color soup.... eeks
- fb, out of mind out of site...lol
- yes the best thing to the city is happening, yestday it was dark at 6.25pm, it was such a super feeling and jacket is out of the hidden area of the cupboard for the morning jog....
- well if being ill is so much fun then shud i say 'dont get well soon?'

prashant said...

ur writing is simple and interesting involving day to day activies
i agree with ur opinion regarding so called social networking . i think this is a separate world where u dont bother about others but u show that u r attached to people all over the world . its heartless emotionless just only attachement to the people whom u dont have any concern.
only positive thing is that it brings out some hidden facts and characters about u only

Aanchal said...

@ ateet ..... come on... the soup tastes yum.. esp at masti sitting in the cold and sipping it :)
you shud not only say get well soon you should also buy me soup :)

Aanchal said...

@ Prashant (is this vanjani?) thanks though for the compliment :)
I agree totally about the facebook bit, it is a stupid addiction. I am getting out of it thankfully :)

prashant said...

sorry i m stranger for u
please write something on recent iit student incident . even the whole world is talking about sociality through net but still people need family love care from parents and relative not frnds on net to carry forward the successful and enjoyable life . i think in coming times india will see lot of these types of western influenced incident . time has come up to prevent proliferation of these types of incidents

khushboo said...

aanchal, i love your writing because you dont write about wanna bes or you dont write to be a wanna be. i love your writing because you write about normal things that happen to normal girls like you and me everyday :)you often write about things that i feel but can't find words to explain so keep writing :)

Aanchal said...

@ prashant ... true.... will write... keep reading !

Aanchal said...

awwwww khushboo... now you made me cry ( not tht i am not... cz i cant freakin breathe... kill the bloody cold !!!) but thanks babes.... :)
lovely comment... me likes !!!


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