Friday, October 2, 2009

I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder when we can’t please everyone why should we even try.

In order to please people we end up forgetting to please our self.

Is that a happy way to live?

We are born with relationships, relationships we don’t choose, relationships we are obliged and obligated to.

We end up making however through life, relationships that we base on our terms and conditions. Ones we can decide to keep or let go. There are no obligations to those.

The funny part is that throughout our lives we try to please those who are connected to us through a social norm we had no say in.

The funnier part is how much ever we try those are the people whose expectations we will never be able to fulfill.

Those are the people we will keep trying to please but somehow it will never ever be enough.

But we will still try,

Imperfections will become perfections.

Pride will be dead and ego gone.

And slowly we learn,

Life itself, at the end of the day was never our choice to begin with.

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